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Cut off in traffic?
Bills to pay?
Boyfriend dumped you?
Do the "Bo Dance!"

When our lives seem to be increasingly stressful, it's time to find ways to bring smiles to our faces. And dancing is a brilliant way to do just that!

Dancing alone, with friends OR with your pet can increase your "joy factor" and give you steps that you can practice just about anywhere... as you will see in the accompanying video.

When Bo (my 'at home dance partner') can't join me, I like to honor him and the joy he brings me on a daily basis wherever my travels lead.

Since its inception, the "Bo Dance" has beeen performed in the following locations:
Birch Bay, Washington
Reno, Nevada (Note artistic expression of Juliet, my good friend and videographer.)
Truckee, California
Incline Village, Nevada
Emerald Bay (Lake Tahoe), California
Healdsburg, California
Two locations in Kaua'i, Hawaii

and... Washington, D.C.!
(nothing political about this... both Republicans and Democrats thought I was a little nuts.)

(It's always humorous to see the reactions
of those 'lucky' folks I ask to do the filming.)

AND...various spots in Oregon.

Bo Dance in Sandpoint, Idaho

(Amazing... still nobody jumping in to join me.)

Bo Dance 'Gets Spanky' in Birch Bay
(Bo joins in...)

Bo Dance 'Gets Spanky' in San Francisco
(Someone finally dances with me! In my favorite city.)

Bo Dance 'Gets Spanky' in Nashville
(Great way to make new friends.)


You Gotta Dance
You Gotta Dance
You Gotta Dance When You Have the Chance
So Dance, Dance, Dance,
Dance When You Have the Chance

And yes... the lyrics sound a bit repetitive, but when 'recited' and accompanied by the Bo Dance steps (with or without your animal companion) it becomes almost akin to a happy meditation... a "Charleston Mantra" shall we say. So kick up your heels and bring some joy into your life. Anytime. Anywhere. And invite someone to join you.

Thanks to Matt (www.wherethehellismatt.com) who is a continual inspiration. I had already been dancing the Bo Dance when I discovered his wonderful site, but he has encouraged me to 'perform' in lots of different locations. (I am still waiting for anyone to join me, though...)

Thanks to Frank (Ol' Blue Eyes) for 'lending' me a joyful song to escort the dance as well as Bobby Darin. (I don't think they would mind.)

And, of course, thanks to Bo, the original Sheriff of Love... and motivation behind the dance.


Bo & Maureen "stepping out"

Contact Maureen...
(360) 920-1125

Email: sagebutterfly2@comcast.net

Contact Bo...
Just kidding. You gotta go through his Mom.;)

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